CNC Router Services

Our large CNC router can be used for cabinet parts and construction projects, such as dadoes, arches, curved stair landings, rosettes, sink and faucet cutouts, etc.  We have the capacity to route full size 4' x 8' sheet goods.

Many types of materials can be routed including, but not limited to, plywood, MDF, MDO, acrylic, polycarbonate, PVC, plastics, Dibond, foam, and, of course, solid woods

Historical pieces can be probed and then re-created on the CNC.

CNC Lathe Services

We have recently added a new CNC lathe to our shop.  The lathe has an 8" diameter turning capacity for stock up to 38" in length.  Custom table legs, stair spindles, and posts can be turned and reproduced exactly.  With the CNC lathe, we can create flutes, spirals, and even 3D designs on the round.  Text and logos can also be carved to wrap around any turned piece.

Equipment List / Capacities

  • 3 axis CNC Router with 50"x100" Cutting Area

  • CNC Lathe with 8" dia. x 38" L capacity

  • 18" Surface Planer

  • 18" Drum Sander

  • Molding Machine (9" wide capacity)

  • Full Complement of Standard Woodworking Equipment







Brad L. Winesett

VA Class A Contractor

Radford, VA
(540) 320-4324



Last updated:  01/09/2015