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Brad L. Winesett

VA Class A Contractor

Radford, VA
(540) 320-4324



What do ballast pumps have to do with woodworking?  Well, absolutely nothing, but repairing and selling parts for Jabsco Ballast Pumps is just something that I got into while working on my own boat.  Below are the available parts for any Jabsco model ballast pump that starts with 18220.

Shipping:  All orders will be shipped by USPS.  I will be using the medium Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes for the complete pump assemblies.  These boxes will hold two complete pumps.  For all the other items, I can ship them in a small padded envelope for between $2 and $3.  I can fit up to 3 impellers in one of the flat envelopes.  Your actual cost will be true shipping costs only with no extra handling charges.  I hate getting blistered on shipping costs, so I want to keep this as low as possible.  I do have to charge sales tax for orders shipped within Virginia. 

How to Order:  Please send me an email to with the list and quantity of items that you would like to buy along with your complete mailing address and phone number.  I will then send you an invoice via email using Paypal's system.  This will give you a link to pay through Paypal's website and keep everything secure.  I am doing it this way because #1) I have very limited website skills, #2) this makes it easier to charge the lowest possible shipping fees.  Once I receive your payment, I will do my absolute best to ship your items the next day, if I have them in stock.  I am just keeping a small amount of stock on hand at the moment, so it could take about a week for some items.  Once I see how things go, I will start keeping more and more stock on hand.  When you place your order, I will let you know if anything is out of stock and how long it may take before I can ship.

If you have any questions or want to check delivery times, please don't hesitate to call or email me.


If there is a Jabsco part that you need that isn't shown below, give me a shout and I will check if it is available. 


Ballast Pump, complete - This is a complete ballast pump, Jabsco part #18220-1127.  Comes complete with green impeller and rocker switch (not shown).  Same setup that came factory installed on most Mastercrafts and many other brands.  For an extra $6.00, I can also install the OEM style gray plug used on Mastercrafts.  This will make the pump plug and play with the factory harness. 

Sorry, but I am no longer carrying this item for sale

Lip seal - One per motor, presses into bronze pump body. If your pump body is leaking onto the top of your motor, this is the seal to replace. 
$8.00 each
Impeller, green - One per motor, latest polyurethane impeller.  These impellers will also fit the Johnson Ultra Ballast pumps.  These are a big upgrade from the old black impellers. 
Sorry, but I am no longer carrying this item for sale
Ball bearing, motor - Two bearings per motor.  This is an oddball bearing as it has a metric O.D. and an inch I.D.
$9.00 each
O-ring, pump cover - One per motor, this installs in groove in bronze pump body and seals to cover.
$1.00 each
Washer, slinger - One per motor, this installs outside of motor over the front bearing to protect bearing from any dripping water.
$3.00 each
Brush, Motor - Two brushes per motor.  This brush comes modified to fit into the brush holder and also is cut with a radius to match the commutator surface.
$7.00 each
Screw, cover - Three per pump, holds cover in place.  This is the OEM style screw that comes with a new pump.
$2.75 each
Screw, cover economy - Three per pump, holds cover in place. This is just a standard round head brass screw with the same thread and length as the OEM cover screw.  The only difference is that the head height is shorter and is much cheaper
$0.50 each
O-ring, motor cover -  One per motor, this is used to seal the rear cover of the motor.  You will only need this if you are replacing the brushes or bearings.  Most likely, if you take off the rear cover of the motor, you will need one of these.
$1.25 each
Screw, pump body - Two per motor, holds pump body to motor housing.  This is the OEM style screw and includes an external tooth washer as shown in the picture.


$3.75 each
Screw, pump body economy - Two per motor, holds pump body to motor housing.  This is just a standard hex washer head slotted screw.  It is 18-8 stainless steel.  It also includes an external tooth lock washer. 
$0.50 each
Plug kit - This is the 2 pin factory plug kit for Mastercraft boats.  This comes with all the parts shown.  Add this to the wires on your ballast pump and it will plug right in to the factory wiring harness.


$6.00 each
Pin, Crimp - This is the same pin that comes in the kit above, just sold individually.  Pins are nickel plated.
$0.75 each
Last updated:  09/09/2014